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Enabling IBM i to access Microsoft SQL server data

Microsoft SQL Server does not fully support the open group DRDA standard, and thus middleware is needed to enable the AS/400 to access Microsoft SQL server data.

I was told to do a research about how to use the SQL CONNECT inside of STRSQL in a box under OS/400 V5R4 to connect to a SQL Server 2005 database in a Windows box. I first did the basic stuff connecting two iSeries V5R4 and V5R2 (not in operation) using DRDA over TCP/IP and the CONNECT was successful and I run "Select" from a remote database. I could not get working with the Windows box. After some time doing research I found many options included in your white paper and other resources. My question is: Is it possible to connect from an iSeries to a Windows box with plain DRDA? Or I probably misused the parameters in the configuration of DRDA.
Unfortunately, Microsoft SQL Server does not fully support the open group DRDA standard. If that product did fully support the standard, the solution would be as easy as a simple DRDA connection. Due to this limitation in Microsoft SQL Server, you need to install additional middleware to enable an IBM i application to access SQL Server data. Some of the possible solutions can be found in the Heterogenous Data Access white paper.

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