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Enabling FTP on your iSeries

FTP is not configured on this user's server, so when he uses STRTCPFTP he's getting an error. What's going on and how can this be fixed? Search400.com expert Shahar Mor has some advice.

We want to enable FTP on our iSeries. Since FTP is not configured in our server, when we use STRTCPFTP we get the following error message:

Exception CPF3CDB occurred when trying to get information for exit point

QIBM_QTMF_CLIENT_REQ with format name VLRQ0100.

This error maybe the result of invalid exit program name. Use WRKREGINF, put an "8" next to QIBM_QTMF_CLIENT_REQ and see if an exit point program is registered for it. If so, you can use "4" to remove the exit point.


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