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Enable the QSECOFR user profile

This user has questions about enabling the QSECOFR user profile.

We're using OS/400 V4R5 and we're preparing to upgrade. The QSECOFR USRPRF has been disabled. There is no known USRPRF -- the client system has *SECADM authority. Is there a way (without using DST) to enable the QSECOFR user profile?

First you need to be aware that there are two different QSECOFR profiles and passwords, one for the system and one for DST. You need to know one to reset the other. If you actually know the QSECOFR password you should be able to sign on at the console even with the profile disabled. If you don't know the QSECOFR password it will need to be reset.

If you can't use DST you will need to find a profile that has *SECADM authority as well as object management (*OBJMGT) and use (*USE) authority to the QSECOFR user profile. The command " PRTUSRPRF SELECT (*SPCAUT) SPCAUT (*SECADM) " will give you a spooled file with a listing of any profiles on your system with *SECADM authority. If this is not possible you will have to use DST.

If the reason that you can't use DST is that you don't know the DST QSECOFR password either, try signing into DST using a profile and password of eight 1's or eight 2's. One of these might have enough authority to reset your DST QSECOFR password. You may be also able to reset the DST QSECOFR password by re-installing the Licensed Internal Code only (not the O/S) from your V4R5 CD (the I_BASE_01 CD.) Be sure to take the option to Install Licensed Internal Code and Recover Configuration. Once the LIC is re-installed you should be able to sign into DST using the default QSECOFR password. Then you can reset your system QSECOFR password.

See "Resetting the QSECOFR Password Using DST."

Since you are upgrading from V4R5 you cannot go to V5R3 using the replace-a-release method. If V5R3 is your target release you could do a scratch upgrade (initializing the system) and then restore your user data from a V4R5 save. (Make sure that you have two good full-system (preferably Option 21) backups before you attempt this! When you restore the user profiles use the USRPRF *NEW parameter to avoid restoring over your new QSECOFR profile.

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