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Enable QSECOFR and QSYSOPR accounts

Someone has disabled the QSECOFR and the QSYSOPR accounts by trying to log in. How can I re-enable them? I'm not...

sure if we have any other accounts to log in with. We rarely use the iSeries, and we think someone tried to login in, but couldn't and ended up disabling the account.

Even if the QSECOFR profile is disabled, you may still sign on at the system console. If you have forgotten the QSECOFR password, you can use DST (Dedicated Service tools) to reset the QSECOFR password.

1. Set the control panel switch to "Manual".
2. Select option "21" in the function window, press enter.
3. Sign on to DST at the console device.
4, Enable the QSECOFR profile using the CHGUSRPRF command.

The DST profiles, QSECOFR, QSRV, 2222222 and 11111111 are not related to iSeries User Profiles, but are special DST profiles. The default passwords for DST match the User ID. Make sure you change the DST passwords, write them down and keep them in a safe place. Use the DST function to change DST passwords; you cannot change these with the CHGUSRPRF command.


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