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Easiest way to learn an ERP package

I see a lot of jobs for ERP. What is the easiest way to learn a package such as JDE, MAPICS or Movex?

Unfortunately there are few ways to learn an ERP package in a formal training venue without a rather large monetary investment. Most purveyors of ERP packages (JDE, Infinium, PRMS, etc) do offer training courses for their customer's technical and user staff, but they tend to be several hundred dollars or more per student. Even with this training, the proficiency level is predicated upon the use of the product when the student returns to work.

The most practical option for you, based upon your current skill set, is to secure a position as a generalist (i.e. non-specific RPG) in an organization that uses one of those packages and work to gain the experience and training as part of your job activities.


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