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ERP/MRP experience

I have five years of experience in RPG and CL but none in ERP/MRP package. I have sent in many applications where...

companies are looking for people with ERP/MRP experience. Unfortunately, all my applications are unsuccessful. Please advise on how can I get the job that I have been desperately looking for.

As I am sure you know, most companies either use a modified 'off-the-shelf' MRP/ERP package 9i.e JDE, JBA, Infinium, etc.), or have invested in developing their own in RPG/COBOL or the like. If a company is looking for professionals with experience in a particular application then they will eliminate those candidates without the desired experience.

However, most larger shops still have requirements for RPG and CL experience in general support and development. This would be an ideal venue for you to use your current skills and will offer you the opportunity to develop skills in ERP/MRP.

Look for companies that are looking for RPG/CL PAs without a specific stated need for MRP/ERP. I do suggest that you use a recruiting firm to help you market yourself to these opportunities. Speak with a recruiter about your goals and they will be able to assist you in the search.

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