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ENDSBS *ALL *IMMED interfering with SAVSYS

I have an unattended system backup that worked successfully until we migrated to V5R2. Since then, the ENDSBS *all *immed seems to be taking more time, interfering with the SAVSYS. All subsequent saves appear to complete normally. I use a programmed delay (via the DLYJOB command) after the ENDSBS command.

My question is twofold:

1. Is there a way to monitor for the CPF0968 message (System ended to restricted condition.) before considering the job complete?

2. Should I be using *IMMED or *CNTRLD and one or more of the subsystem end options?
I would use an ALCOBJ command to attempt to allocate the subsystem description for QINTER (or the interactive subsystem you are waiting to end) using *EXCL. When that allocation completes successfully, de-allocate the object and continue with the save. That will insure that the save will not run until the subsystem ends. If allocating the object and de-allocating it becomes a problem, you can split the job into two jobs and submit the second after the ALCOBJ completes. By ending the job with the ALCOBJ this would insure you are allowed to restart the subsystem if an emergency situation came up.


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