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Domino server gobbling up CPU

I have a question regarding Domino server running on the AS/400. We are currently running 4.6 on AS/400 V4R4. For a few months we have had a very strange problem on our Domino server. The APMINP and AMGR task on the Domino server has started consuming more than 75% of CPU. That means other tasks running along with it in total consume 95 to sometime 99 CPU.

There is no good reason that I can figure out for this to be happening. I have been starting the ADMIN task in the evening and stopping it in the morning.

I would assume that this requires a program temporary fix, or PTF. You can search for PTF's though IBM. If you don't find the answer there, you can also report APAR's from the same area. I found 39 PTFs for Domino, but none addressed either of those jobs. The fix you may need just might not be listed in the key words.

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