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Doing a "System Request option 1"

What is the overall effect of doing a "System Request option 1" to start another session as opposed to starting another Client Access session? I seem to remember that "System Request" is detrimental to performance.
The biggest effect of SysReq 1 in my company is that locks can be held in the suspended session, which causes havoc sometimes. We would like to prevent users using this 'feature', but for reasons I won't go into here we are not allowed to restrict them -- we can only deal with the consequences.

Whether SysReq 1 is detrimental to performance is not an issue I have investigated. Simply for the reason stated above, it should be discouraged. If your users are restricted to a single session, then they will be tempted to use SysReq 1 if it is available to them. Then they have in effect two sessions without any safeguards and with many disadvantages, not least being the holding of locks -- closing the Client Access window after doing a signoff from one of the sessions is also a favorite, leaving the other session open.

It is possible to use an exit program to prevent the use of SysReq 1. I have an example, based on a Club Tech tip by Carsten Flensburg; if anyone is interested, I will upload it for you all to use, or you can see his original tip in the Club Tech archives from September 2003 (look for CBX108).


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