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Does my age discount me as a candidate?

I have been in data processing and systems since 1956. I have worked on BPCS, MacPac and Mapics. I have worked for the last seven years on JD Edwards. I am 63 years old and my present company is undergoing changes that do NOT benefit me. It appears as though companies look at my age and discount me as a candidate. Do you find this to be true or am I imagining things?

This is an issue that is ripe with controversy.

In an industry where the term 'Senior' is assigned to PAs that have 3+ years of experience, the wealth of experience and depth of knowledge available from true senior IT professionals is, unfortunately, often minimized and overlooked.

There ARE IT management professionals who know the value of using experienced professionals who know how to do it right the FIRST time. You MAY experience a bias for a less seasoned (i.e. younger) professionals -- but do not despair.

Update your resume to include only the last 15 years of employment history. Highlight your successes and accomplishments. Work with a recruiter that can assist you in locating a position commensurate with your experience and skills and that will help you articulate the value of your experience to IT management.


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