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Does STRDSKRGZ have to be run in a restricted state?

Can the command STRDSKRGZ be run at anytime or does the system have to be in a restricted state? If it can be run at anytime, will it degrade the processor resources? Also, if I'm running reclaimed storage on a quarterly basis, is there any need to do a reclaim temporary storage? Do I need to have the system in a restricted state?

The STRDSKRGZ command can be run at anytime. This command allows a time limit to be set specifying the length of time the command will run. *NOMAX is an option here however, if the system has a good number of disk arms this could take a long time. If your window to run this command is limited, I would suggest that you enter a time limit.

With regard to your question about RCLTMPSTG...As part of your system cleanup procedures, this command should be run if you do not IPL on a regular basis. The IPL procedure will automatically reclaim temporary storage. RCLSTG will not take care of temporary storage.


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