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Does Domino/Notes have multi-language support?

Using OfficeVision on the AS/400 we can create documents (and fax them) with latin1 and latin2 character sets on a single AS/400 system. Because we now have to migrate from this solution, we're thinking about using Domino/Notes. But what about multi-language support? I understand that depending on the client only the client character set is supported. Can a Domino implementation support several languages or is there anything that comes close to the multi-language concept of the AS/400?
I am not aware of any online documentation that describes your scenario, but I have used the forms creation, merge, printing and faxing facilities in Domino to process and print in multi-language character sets. There are many ways to set your character sets to the language support you desire including the full sets of Japanese and Chinese. I think you will find Domino/Notes for AS/400 more functional than OV/400 was, and a very good replacement solution.

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