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Do we need DB2 XML extenders?

We are working on an interface from a Web application to our iSeries. We're in the investigation phase and are new to some of the 'newer tools' on the iSeries. Our plan is to receive an XML file on the iSeries or into a stored procedure on the iSeries, and parse it into our DB2 database. We are on V5R2 and have the Websphere Development Studio Client.

In reading some of the documentation on the Internet, it sounds as though we have almost everything we need to start working on this interface with the exception of something called 'DB2 XML Extender'. It sounds as though we will need DB2 XML Extender if we want to write to the DB2 database, do you know if this is true? Do you know if there is any additional cost associated with this product?

Yes, DB2 XML Extender can be used in the manner you describe. This function is part of the DB2 UDB Extenders for iSeries licensed program product (supposed to cost a little less than the Query/400 product). This LPP is included in the iSeries Enterprise Edition package.

You can find more information on this product and function here.


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