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Do I really need that license?

Can RJE connections be created and used without having the communications utilities licensed program 5769CM1? The only information I can find regarding setting one up says the recommended way to do it is with the CRTRJECFG command, which is part of 5769CM1. If it is possible to use without this lp, do you have any idea where I can find information on configuration and use?

As you already know, the CRTRJECFG command is used to build a new RJE configuration on the AS/400, but the application itself is not part of OS/400. It does require the separate Licensed Program Product 5769CM1 (Communications Utilities/400) to be installed. This LPP contains the objects necessary to build either an RJE configuration or an NJE (VM/MVS Bridge) configuration. The AS/400 RJE manual is titled Communications Utilities/400 RJE Guide", and is the appropriate reference to use for RJE. The pub number is SC09-1903, and is available to be viewed in the Online Library on the web.

Configuration requires close cooperation with your VTAM and JES contacts upstream, as they need to supply many of the parameters required to build the configuration on the AS/400. The IBM Support Center also has Consultants that can be retained under a Consult Line contract that can do the work, build and test the onfiguration for you. If you would like to consider this option, the Consult Line Coordinators at IBM can contact you and supply terms and conditions at no expense to you.

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