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Do DB2 UDB servers support a library list?

I connected through to DB2 on OS/390 for the first time with the iSeries using connect statement. I then issued a connect reset. Now when I issue SQL in STRSQL, I get the error "TABLEXXX in USERID *N not found." Instead of searching for the table within *LIBL, it's as if I issued a SET CURRENT SQLID. I can't find a way to reset it. Do you have any ideas?
The other DB2 UDB servers don't support the concept of a library list. They always use the iSeries *SQL naming format that doesn't search a library list -- instead they only look for unqualified tables in the schema/library matching the user ID. The only way to get around this would be to qualify table names or use the SET PATH or SET CURRENT SQLID statements to tell DB2 what schema contains the unqualified table and view references.


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