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Do AS/400 printers have to be IPDS compatible?

A user heard that AS/400 printers have to be IPDS compatible, but Chip Milosch says: Myth!

We have a cannon imageRUNNER iR1023N in our receiving department and I can't figure out why they are not able to print from the AS/400. All the settings are correct in the printq and routing table. I can see the reports in the printq but it wont print. I read somewhere that the printer has to be IPDS compatible?

Printers definitely do not have to be IPDS compatible in order to work on the iSeries. The iSeries is capable of communicating effectively with a huge range of printers using Host Print Transform, although to get the printer to work correctly may require the creation of a WSCST (Work Station Customization Object). You may want to read this tip I wrote on setting up an ASCII printer.

I'm sure that the imageRunner can be configured to work, because a client of mine used them for a while. I may still have the configuration information around for printers of that type – if you need more help, send me an email message and I can try to get you more specific WSCST and *DEVD information.

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