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Displaying an image from the AS/400 on a PC, troubleshooting

If an image from the AS/400 does not display on a PC using STRPCCMD, you may need to check to make sure the PC is connected to the iSeries. If it is not, make sure that NetServer is working. If it is, but you can't see the directory QDLS, you need to add a share.

I am a complete novice in this, so any help will be much appreciated.

I am trying to display an image using STRPCCMD. The image is in folder IMAGEFLR. When I do WRKFLR, I see the folder IMAGEFLR. Under that folder I see my file 104.GIF. I did CFGTCP, option 10 to check my IP address. I have for LOCALHOST and for my AS/400. I did STRPCO *NO and then STRPCCMD PCCMD("//"). I get error message "The network path is not valid". I get the same message when I use address.

Before starting command remotely make sure the PC is able to reach the AS/400.

Type start -> \ (note that the slash sign is different than the one you sent).

If you did not get the directory listing for NetServer at all use STRTCPSVR *NETSVR and retry, if still problem exist need to troubleshoot this refer to the IBM manual.

If you see directories but can not see directory QDLS than QDLS is not shared. Add a share.

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