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Directory of iSeries shops

Is there any way to find a directory of some sort that lists companies that have an iSeries? I'm currently unemployed and thought I would try that approach.

The good news is that It is possible to BUY a directory of iSeries shops. There are several companies that do a brisk business in providing profiles of data centers that include size, type of platform, staffing plans, system upgrade plans and ad infinitum.

The bad news is that these lists are very expensive. The operative word being 'very'. Companies like ours, as well as most sales organizations, spend a nice chunk of their marketing budgets every year in acquiring these lists. We also have people in our organization that do nothing but research the industry.

I can suggest that you get involved in your local iSeries user group, go online and look for companies that have job postings with iSeries skill requirements. I also strongly recommend that you work with a recruiter who specializes in the iSeries to assist you in your search.


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