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Device with a break message sent to it

When a device has a break message sent to it, the user is unable to log back on to that device. I can simulate this manually by doing a SNDBRKMSG . If I try to log back on again, I won't be able to. The only way to log back on is by either varying the device on and off, clearing the message or logging on with a different device name. I'm trying to figure out what can send break messages to devices. Can an application for some reason or a particular program on the AS/400? If I'm still not being clear, let me know. The emulation product is Extra.

The problem is most likely in the emulation product, not the AS/400. Do the following command: CHGMSGQ MSGQ( ) DLVRY(*NOTIFY) Send a break message to the message queue. Let me know if the user can log back on. Also, tell me who the emulation product is from. I've never heard of Extra, unless it is Twin's Thin-client Extra product.

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