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Developing a system with Delphi to connect to the DB2/400

I'm going to develop a system with Delphi that should connect to DB2 (7.2) on the iSeries (VR5M2) -- mostly through ODBC.

In order to do that, I need to install drivers on the client machines. How can I know which driver to include in the package? I have a license for Client Access, but I don't want to install it on the client machines, I just want to get its drivers.

I intend to develop most of the work in the database itself (stored procedures, triggers) and the interface in Delphi. Is there any disadvantage to develop such a program in Delphi (from performance and integration considerations)?
iSeries Access for Windows (formerly Client Access) ODBC driver is the most widely used driver for ODBC applications. It is possible to do a tailored install of just the ODBC driver to reduce the footprint on client machines. More details on this option can be found here.

Putting most of the application logic into procedures and triggers is the best option from a performance perspective.


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