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Developer User ID access settings

Keep AS/400 developers out of production access by limiting their User ID access settings. Keep your system as secure as possible by creating a separate User ID for production application access if they need it.

I have a situation where the developers of an application have command line access i.e. Limited capabilities = NO. However the production programs and data have been secured via an authorization list and the developers have use access to the production programs and data libraries. Is there a clever way of circumventing object authority if you have command-line access?
I am of the opinion that a developer's User ID should never be authorized to access production applications or data… If a developer requires access to a production application, create another User ID for them, just like any other production user.

Allowing a developer to have command line access to production applications and data just makes your job as a Security Administrator that much harder. Now you do have to worry about what a developer can do that they shouldn't be doing.

If you give developers command line access to production applications, you are providing a way for an untrustworthy developer to play around with your production security configuration and if they are lucky or devious enough they just may figure out a way to hack it. Play it safe… exclude developer User ID's from production access.

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