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Determining why a job ran unscheduled

ISeries backup and recovery expert Ken Graap explains how to use the IJS Log to determine why a job ran unscheduled.

A job was run on a Saturday when it wasn't supposed to run. The job is part of a night group and has a different GRP SEQ number than its day counterpart. The HST log denotes that the job ran two times, one minute apart. Both times start and complete normally with code 0. The job doesn't produce a joblog. There are no messages indicating anyone or anything other than QIJS as the user ID. On the CTL GRP the user = nnnsched. Can you help me determine the reason that this job ran unscheduled?
The "Work History" provides information about a job and lets you access output if any is created. The information you are looking for will probably be found in the IJS Log.

Enter: GO JSHST and select Option 2

JSHST                      Job History Information                         
                                                            System:   S02 

Select one of the following:

  1. Work with history
  2. Display log
  3. Remove history
  4. Remove log entries

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