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Determining the amount of memory a job is using

How can I see how much memory a job is using on V5R1? In the older versions of OS/400 we could see the PAG size, but now I can only see the storage use on the wrksysact.

To find the storage used by a job the WRKJOB option 3 can be used. This will show the temporary storage used by a job.

The storage (permanent and temporary) used by a job (including server jobs servicing other profiles) can be controlled.

Permanent storage is controlled by the 'maximum storage allowed' parameter of the user profile; however, temporary storage is controlled by the class. Find the class through the routing entry in the subsystem, use the Work Class (WRKCLS) command and use option 2 to change the class. In subsystem QINTER, most users run under routing entry of QCMDI with class QINTER. In the QSERVER subsystem, most jobs run under a class of QPWFSERVER. The Display Subsystem Description (DSPSBSD) command using option 7 will show the routing entries. Then use option 5 to display a routing entry and this will show the class being used.


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