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Determine the value of parameter UPPWEI in the DSPUSRPRF field

The UPPWEI field corresponds to the password expiration interval field, and its values "0" and "-1" represent the *SYSVAL and *NOXMAX commands.

On AS/400, I have looked at the PWDEXPITV field in order to set the password change interval to *SYSVAL for the user profiles. In the SYSVAL, the password change interval is set to 60 days.

However, in the DSPUSRPRF, I see that there is another parameter "UPPWEI," which can be set to either a value of "-1" or "0". Do either the "0" or "-1" override the default of 60 days?

Also, what do "0" and "-1" mean? Do both intervals mean that the password never expires for the user profile?

I'm assuming that you have run DSPUSRPRF and sent the results to an outfile.

The UPPWEI field corresponds to the password expiration interval field. The values of "0" and "-1" are internal representations for the values of *SYSVAL and *NOMAX respectively.

In other words, when you see "0" that means that the password expiration interval for that profile is set to *SYSVAL. When you see "-1", it means that the interval is set to *NOMAX

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