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Destination options (DESTOPT)

Where can I find documentation regarding DESTOPT () parameter of create remote OUTQ?

Example: DESTOPT(XAIX) works fine, but why?

Here is a portion of an IBM document that also provides a more detailed explanation of the XAIX and XAUTOQ options.

Destination options (DESTOPT)
Specifies destination-dependent options. This is typically set to 'XAIX' (all uppercase) at R440 OS/400 and above and set to 'XAUTOQ XAIX' (all uppercase) at all previous versions of OS/400.

The XAUTOQ value specifies that the remote writer is to save the *USERASCII data stream in an LPDxxxxx spooled file whenever the print server, PC or Unix server times out, then the LPDxxxxx spooled file can be sent without further transformation to ASCII once the writer makes another connection to the printer. The XAUTOQ processing is done automatically at R440 OS/400 and above. Without XAUTOQ processing, large OS/400 spooled files could stay in SND status indefinitely.

The XAIX value specifies that the remote writer is to send the spooled file to the printer multiple times if the number of copies is greater than 1. It is recommended to use the XAIX value in the destination options (DESTOPT) parameter, but there are times when it should not be used. With XAIX specified, the remote writer opens the connection to the printer and sends down multiple copies of the print data and control file pair. Each control file contains one print command for the data file that preceded it. This method is required for printers, which start printing the data right away. However, there are some print servers, which will close the connection after the first copy is sent. This is an unexpected close, resulting in retrying to send from the beginning, which will cause the remote writer to loop forever and will cause the spooled file to be printed indefinitely. In this case, XAIX should not be used. When XAIX is not specified, the data file and control file will be sent once, but the control file will contain multiple print commands. This reduces network traffic, but can only be used with servers, which can buffer all the data before knowing how many copies to print. Therefore, without XAIX specified, the print server may or may not print multiple copies of the OS/400 spooled file.


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