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Deleting a termed employee

When I am deleting a termed employee I am asked if I want to delete or move the users objects. What are these, where to they come from and how do you find them again if you move them to another user?

These are objects owned by this particular user profile. They are most likely owned by the user profile because the profile was created with OWNER(*USRPRF)...

Help text for the OWNER parameter of the CRTUSRPRF command says:

 The user profile that becomes the owner of objects that are created 
by the user associated with this profile.  The possible values shown
 o  *GRPPRF - The user's group profile becomes the owner            
 o  *USRPRF - The user's user profile becomes the owner     

Object ownership can also be transferred to other user via one of many
change commands:

    1. Change DLO Owner        CHGDLOOWN
    2. Change Object Owner     CHGOBJOWN 
    3. Change Owner            CHGOWN    ..... IFS files


Prior to deleting a user profile you can view a list of all the objects owned by it with the WRKUSRPRF command, Option 12.

If you transfer ownership of these objects to another user then use WRKUSRPRF Option 12 for that user to find the objects again.

A user profile cannot be deleted if it owns any objects other than a *MSGQ with the same name as the user profile.

I use WRKUSRPRF Option 12 to take a look at what a user profile owns before using Option 4 to delete it.

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