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Deleting a logical file –- revisited

In Response to 'How can I delete a logical file that is related to three physical files?', John Blenkinsop replied: 'Logical files can be deleted as long as they are not locked. It does not matter how many physicals they are based on. If you can't delete a logical file, use WRKOBJLCK to see what is locking the file. It is physical files that cannot be deleted if logical files exist over them. You always have to delete logical files first, and then you can delete the based-on physicals.'

While this is true of 'ordinary' logicals, with join logicals, the logical member is locked if ANY of the physicals have any type of lock. I don't know why this is or any way around the problem other than to get all users to stop accessing all affected physicals.
Sorry about that; we use very few join logicals here, and we also use a change control package that handles them very well, and applies changes to our live system during non-user-accessible time.

It looks as if you will have to schedule your work for a time when your users are off the system. If it cannot be done that way, and the underlying physicals have not changed, try creating the join logical view you want under a different name, then rename the old view and rename the new view to the old name. You will then have an unused logical hanging about, but at least you'll have the view you want.


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