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Default location for saving macros

What change needs to be made to your *.ws file to change the default location for saving macros?

To change the Client Access macro default drive to the network drive, do the following:

1. The network drive must be mapped to the name of the AS/400e or iSeries 400 system. Right-click on Network Neighborhood. Select Map Network Drive. Select Drive and Path. Path should be the AS/400e or iSeries 400 name. Select Reconnect at Logon. Click OK.

2. Create a folder on the network drive to hold the macros.

3. Edit the PCSWIN.INI file to include the following:
DIR=Drive:folder(example - H:DeptMacros)

Path to PCSWIN.INI is C:

This will force the Client Access 5250 session to grab the macros from the network drive. The users will not be able to get macros from or save macros to their C drive unless this line is removed from the PCSWIN.INI file.

Only sessions brought up after this change is made will be defaulting to the Network drive. Sessions brought up prior to the change will still default to the C: drive.


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