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Decommissioning the AS/SET case tool

We are in the process of decommissioning the AS/SET case tool and use the native RPG code that was generated by...

AS/SET. The question is that when I have to decommission the AS/SET case tool, what other things do I have to look for other than the number of lines of code?

What is this obsession people have with lines of code?

The important thing is to keep any AS/SET objects that provide compile-time and run-time support. If you just take generated source, and remove the AS/SET libraries, you may find that you can't recompile the source or even run the generated programs because some provided data area, service program or other object is now not on your system. Most 4GLs have lots of such objects, and they may not be in the most obvious place!

Look inside the sources for CALL, CALLB and CALLP, for procedure prototypes and data areas. Look in AS/SET libraries for binding directories, service programs, modules, etc. that look as if they may be necessary. Try compiling some sources without having any AS/SET libraries in the library list, and see what happens!

Don't remove the libraries until about 6 months after the decom, just rename them and keep them handy. And when you finally remove them, make sure you can put them back again quickly if you need something from them.

And don't forget /COPY members -- I almost did!


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