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Debugging an RPGLE program when its source does not exist

How can I debug an RPGLE program when its source does not exist. The case is that we have a development machine where we keep the sources, do the tests and a production machine where we keep only compiled programs not sources. But sometimes we need to debug on this production machine. Any ideas?

Great question. You had me going back to do some testing before I answered. The good news is that you can do what you need to do. All you have to do is when compiling your RPGIV program you want to debug, set the compile option of DBGVIEW to *LIST. What this does is generates the listing view within the compiled object. Then when you STRDBG, the listing will show and you can set break points. I would refrain from doing this any more then you need to. The program I tested this with has no F specs, 1 D spec and 7 C specs. The size of the compiled object increased 37%.

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