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Dealing with the B6001730 SRC error code

I'm wondering if you have information or have experienced a B6001730 SRC error code? A message pops up indicating a performance problem and the system needs to be IPL'd. We IPL our 820 (5.1) system and the message just pops back up the same day. The weird thing is, the system does not appear to be degraded during this entire process. IBM has given up after CPU, memory, OP panel and multiple p/s swaps -- this whole thing started when IBM replaced the power supply. Our PTF's are current for the listed problem. The 820 book is kind of generic with information. This issue is driving me crazy. I would appreciate any ideas/suggestions you might have.
Obviously with IBM not being able to solve the problem, that does not leave much room for suggestions. However, I do have one possible solution. Try applying PTF MF31793. This may correct the problem. Also, make sure that you are on the latest CUM tape for version 5.1.


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