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Dealing with an indicator problem

I have converted an RPG/400 finder program to an RPG4 profiled procedure. I have resolved all compile time errors, however a runtime error CPF5021 occurs (incorrect relative record number) when the subfile is loaded the first time, despite the fact that the relative record number is 1 and the subfile has been cleared before the write operation. Do you know what might be causing this and how I can resolve it?

Generally, this is probably an If the indicator for SFLCLR or SFLINZ is still set, you cannot write a record to the subfile. If the indicator for SFLDSP and/or SFLDSPCTL are set and the display file is set to DFRWRT(*NO) or FRCDTA is set, it could also cause this although it will usually just display the subfile to the workstation as it gets loaded.


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