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Dealing with an CWBSY1008 error

I have a customer with a new iSeries machine running V5R2 as pre-installed with the latest PTF package -- installed as it came in the door. When attempting to complete the "Sign on to the iSeries" dialog on a Windows 98 PC, an error CWBSY1008 comes up indicating that a password error is returned. I am running a similar config with a Window XP machine with no problems (I am one PTF level back). Interestingly, when I attempt to connect to the customer?s machine through a newly created PPP config, I get a similar (password) violation against the validation list. I can find no info in the IBM literature. Thought I might see if you have any similar experience.

The iSeries joblog capability should help you resolve this. Check the Prestart Job QZSOSIGN job log for related error messages that should assist with resolving the cause of this problem -- most of the time it is in QUSRWRK subsystem.


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