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Daily incremental saves with BRMS

We have a small batch window at night. The daily incremental save was split into two jobs: DAILY1 & DAILY2. DAILY1 saves two productions data libraries -- DAILY2 saves all other libraries. When DAILY1 completes, the batch processing starts. DAILY2 completes whenever. How can I do this with BRMS? I'm having problems excluding libraries in daily incremental save.

Create a control group for each process. Modify the control group and add the list to include the libraries you wish to back up and make the type an *INCR or incremental. You can set the first group to sign off users and stop subsystems if required. The second control group should contain the other libraries, but if users can sign back on, do not include termination of user jobs and subsystems in this group. Schedule your backups using the scheduling panels. There is a section in the manual about serial and parallel backups. That's all there is to it. If you need more information on how to set this up, view the BRMS manual.


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