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DNS and internal network lookups

I have a Windows NT domain using iSeries DNS services. Our domain was used with external IP's and I am in the process of moving the IP's to internal scopes. I have tried to add certain IPs for the PCs with the new scopes into the iSeries DNS host file. When I add them, from the iSeries I can ping by name and it resolves the host name to the IP address I entered into the host file. But when I go to a workstation and try to ping by name, and the workstations primary DNS Server is the iSeries, it tells me there is an unknown host. Is there a particular way to add new IP subnets, i.e. scope?
You will need to configure your DNS server to accept automatic updates. DNS indicates that a zone is dynamic when objects are defined in the allow-update statement. To configure the allow-update option, follow these steps:

1. In iSeries Navigator, expand your iSeries server –> Network –> servers –> DNS.

2. In the right pane, right-click your DNS server and select Configuration.

3. In the DNS Configuration window, expand Forward Lookup Zone or Reverse Lookup Zone.

4. Right-click the primary zone you want to edit and select Properties.

5. In the Primary Zone Properties page, click the Options tab.

6. On the Options page, expand Access Control –> allow-update.

7. DNS uses an address match list to verify authorized updates. To add an object to the address match list, select an address match list element type and click Add... You can add an IP Address, IP Prefix, Access Control List, or Key.

8. When you have finished updating the address match list, click OK to close the Options page.

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