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DB2 vs. DB2 UDB

If I understand correctly, DB2 Universal Database support would be coming soon on the iSeries. What's the difference between the DB2 we use and DB2 UDB?

While SQL is supposed to be SQL, each database provider has their own "flavor" of commands, procedures and syntax rules. This is also true for IBM's DB2 Universal. DB2 Universal is divided into areas based on operating systems. The first "flavor" in the IBM world is DB2 Universal for AIX, Linux, HP-Unix (or HP-UX), Sun and Windows. The second is for the iSeries. The third is for z/OS and OS/390 and the last is for VSE & VM. Most of these differences surround file and table naming, field name lengths, data type differences and storage methods. While I haven't been through all of the changes surrounding the latest release yet, I think the majority of changes surround the database catalog. These changes allow developers to access database information such as schema, authority (privileges) and table information in a consistent manner across the product line.


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