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Creating a simple Web page

Creating a simple Web page

We are using an iSeries server and we have the need to create an ASP, or a simple Web page that can be referenced through our URL. The function of this Web page should be to receive cXML transactions and write them to a file on the server for further use. We are new in this area and do not know Java. Do you have any examples of how to set this up?

There are different options BUT I think it's NO contest on this one. I did two Search400.com tips under the WebSphere Strategies Category that discuss how to do this with almost NO coding at all using IBM's WDSC tools:

Other options for generating XML or storing XML in a database

Generating XML from SQL data

It should be relatively easy with VERY little coding to get the job done using WDSC's XML tools and some IBM Java beans for XML.


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