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Create profiles from a DB2/400 database

Is it possible to create profiles from a DB2/400 database?

DB2/400 is an integrated part of OS/400. You don't create user profiles from or for DB2 on the iSeries specifically. You create user profiles for users of the entire iSeries.

However, the SBMRMTCMD command could be used to access the iSeries as described in the HELP Text:

The Submit Remote Command (SBMRMTCMD) command sends a CL command through Distributed Data Management (DDM) to be run on the target system specified by a DDM file. The DDM file determines the communications line used, and indirectly identifies the target system that receives the submitted command.

This command sends only CL commands to a remote system which supports the SBMRMTCMD command language. It cannot send non-CL commands to a different system type (for example, OCL commands cannot be sent to a target System/36).

The primary purpose of this command is to allow a source system user or program to perform file management operations and file authorization activities on files located on a target system.


You could use this command to submit the CRTUSRPRF command from a PC remotely connected to DB2/400 on an iSeries, but I'm not sure why you would ever want to do this.


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