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Create multiple record formats

Why can't a physical file have more than one record format?

A physical file can have more than one record format. You can create multiple record formats using the "A/R" specification line in your DDS. Something similar to:

A          R RAMPPF1
A            D1SNAM        50A         ALIAS(SHIPNAME         ) 
A            D1SADD        50A         ALIAS(SHIPADDRESS      ) 
A            D1SCITY       50A         ALIAS(SHIPCITY         ) 
A            D1SREGN        2A         ALIAS(SHIPREGION       ) 
A            D1SPOST       10A         ALIAS(SHIPPOSTALCODE   ) 
A            D1SCNTR       40A         ALIAS(SHIPCOUNTRY      ) 
A            D1CSTID       80A         ALIAS(CUSTOMERID       ) 
A            D1CNAM        50A         ALIAS(CUSTOMERNAME     ) 
A            D1CADD        50A         ALIAS(ADDRESS          ) 
A            D1CCITY       50A         ALIAS(CITY             ) 
 * Keys go here
A          R RAMPPF2                                             
A            D2SNAM        70A         ALIAS(SHIPNAME         ) 
A            D2SADD        60A         ALIAS(SHIPADDRESS      ) 
A            D2SCITY       40A         ALIAS(SHIPCITY         ) 
A            D2SREGN        2A         ALIAS(SHIPREGION       ) 
A            D2SPOST       10A         ALIAS(SHIPPOSTALCODE   ) 
A            D2SCNTR       40A         ALIAS(SHIPCOUNTRY      ) 
A            D2CSTID       80A         ALIAS(CUSTOMERID       ) 
A            D2CNAM        50A         ALIAS(CUSTOMERNAME     ) 
A            D2CADD        50A         ALIAS(ADDRESS          ) 
A            D2CCITY       50A         ALIAS(CITY             ) 
 * Keys go here 


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