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Create another batch subsystem like QBATCH

I want to create a subsystem similar to QBATCH -- same attributes and functions. I also want it to be that some...

of the users must use the newly created subsystem instead of QBATCH. How do I accomplish this?

To create another batch subsystem like QBATCH, simply use the CRTDUPOBJ command and give the new subsystem a name. This command will create a duplicate of the QBATCH subsystem description with the new name. You will need to create a new job queue entry (CRTJOBQE) for this new subsystem. Also, you will need to create the new job queue which will send jobs to the new subsystem you created. This job queue could be named the same as the new subsystem. After this is finished, you will need to start the subsystem.

You will need to create or modify the job descriptions of the users who you want to use this new subsystem.


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