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Create a subfile display as a window records

Is it possible to create a subfile display as a window records? i.e., can the subfile display size be smaller than the usual 24 x 80 display?
Yes. But when a window is displayed, none of the fields outside the window can be accessed, so you can't use this method to make side-by-side subfiles or a subfile next to non-subfile fields and expect to be able to change data in both places at the same time.

But a windowed subfile can be as small as it needs to be, and you can even do clever things like allow the user to move it around the screen, and you can call a window subfile program from itself (via an intermediate program) if it is written in ILE and starts in a new activation group - I use that in my help text system.

As for how to create windowed subfiles, search a site the Search400.com site or even Google. There are plenty of articles, how-tos and source code out there. The IBM DDS manual gives comprehensive instructions, and is always worth a read.


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