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Correct way to restore logical files

In a disaster recovery restore from our SAVLIB *NONSYS the *PRINT report said all the logical files were restored, but the JOBLOG said they weren't. There were a number of object types omitted from the restore completely. These were Data Dictionaries, DTAQs, USRQs and Journals. Can you advice how these should be restored and do how do we get back our logical files?
It is important to restore objects in a certain order. OS/400 will take care of this if dependent objects are in the same library, but if you have for example, physical files in one library and logical files in another, you are responsible for restoring the physical files before you restore the logicals.

When you do a SAVLIB *NONSYS, libraries are saved in alphabetical order and are restored in the same order when you do a RSTLIB *NONSYS. This may be the cause of the problem you are having.

If you have related objects in different libraries, you need to restore them in this order:

1. Journals before journaled objects
2. Journals before journal receivers.
3. Physical files before logical files.

You may also want to check to see if you save access paths, too. <SAVLIB xxx ACCPTH(*YES)>

Note: the default is *NO.


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