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Correct method of calling codeedit.exe from the AS/400

I want to start codeedit.exe (of wdt400) from my AS/400 session using the RUNRMTCMD instruction. I already succeeded in passing parameters (Library/SourceFile/Member). Now I want to force the RUNRMTCMD to wait until the codeedit.exe has ended (ie. when the user terminates the application). This doesn't seem to work, although if I call eg. calc.exe, the RUNRMTCMD waits until calc.exe is ended by the user? (I've tried 'start' and 'start /wait', none of them seem to work)

The correct method of calling codeedit.exe from the AS/400 is not using the runrmtcmd but strcodecmd.

On V5.1 there are even new pdm options to edit code using code400.


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