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Copying the spool file stream to IFS

Instead of printing the spool file to a PC, an easier approach is to copy a spool file to IFS, which makes it available on the PC.

We are creating a spool file (RPG II) on the iSeries (9406-800) and sending it to a printer that "prints" a text file to a PC. When the file gets to the PC, a box pops up asking for a file name. Are you familiar with RPG II & Windows XP to suggest a way to get the file to a specific Windows folder without having to enter a name?
In my opinion the best approach will be to have the spool file copied to stream file rather than "printed" the text file.

Your current solution is the following,

  • Spool sent to output queue
  • Output queue is connected to emulation printer session.
  • The printer session is defined to use generic text driver.
  • When the spool arrives the generic text driver ask for the file name.

My suggestion:

  • Download SPL2STMF (freeware) and install it.
  • After the report is completed copy the spool to a directory in the IFS (So you can set the required name for the file).
  • The report is now available to the PC user (Although it is on the iSeries).

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