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Copying spreadsheets from Excel and Lotus to the iSeries 400

I have two spreadsheets, one in Excel and the other in Lotus 123. I need to copy them to the iSeries 400. I am thinking of using a VB program, but I never wrote a VB using spreadsheets. I need this process to be automatic or with the minimum operator intervention. The idea that I have is to be able to read those spreadsheets and convert them to a file on the iSeries.

The easiest way to do this is to have the users save the files to a shared folder in a fixed format and pick them up on the iSeries 400 side by doing a CPYFRMPCD to a flat file. You can then process that flat file. If you want to use VB, there are examples of how to handle the spreadsheets by column and row included with iSeries file using an SQL statement in VB. There are "SELECT" examples in the samples directory under Program Files/IBM/Client Access/Toolkit/Samples directory. Change the "SELECT" example to an "INSERT". You can also search here on Search400.com for VB examples.


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