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Copy WRKOUTQ to a "speed key" for a specific Outq

I would like to copy WRKOUTQ to a "speed key" for a specific Outq. I want to duplicate WRKOUTQ PRT03 to make WQ3. I have tried using CRTDUPOBJ and make changes to the default option, but I'm running into a snag. The only default option is *ALL. I've made one for WRKSPLF but not with specific options. Can you help?
I would suggest that you create a simple command using the QCMDEXC API and then passing it a "constant" value, like this:

/*                                                                     */
/*  CRTCMD CMD(QGPL/WQ3)  PGM(QSYS/QCMDEXC) +                         */
/*    SRCFILE(Your_Srclib/QCMDSRC)                                     */
/*                                                                     */
             CMD        PROMPT('WRKOUTQ PRT03')                        
             PARM       KWD(CMD) TYPE(*CHAR) LEN(20) +                   
                          CONSTANT('wrkoutq outq(prt03)')               
             PARM       KWD(LEN) TYPE(*DEC) LEN(15 5) CONSTANT(20) 

Have any other "shortcuts" you would like to create? Consider using this technique instead of creating duplicate system commands.


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