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Convincing management an upgrade is needed

This user needs to convincing management an upgrade is needed on his AS/400 620.

Our company uses an iSeries model 620. It's not working well with our current workload system. We'd like to increase the volume of work to the system. I'm the systems administrator for this system and I want to show management that this system cannot meet business demands. Management wants me to prove my opinion -- I have to show them exact and clear condition of the system such as maximum capacity of the system, clients connected to the system when the system reaches its maximum level, etc. Can you help me?
The most important element to tell management is that the model 620 is not supported at OS/400 release V5R3. No 620 models and Sxx models are supported. In the near future, I am sure that IBM will drop support for OS/400 release V5R2, so with the current model you have, you cannot upgrade.


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