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Converting spool files to text

We run PRMS for our ERP package. Nightly we run invoices, which are automatically sent to a print queue for printing. However, I?m in need of copying those spool files to a PC so that the data can be converted for use by a direct mailing program. How do I automate this task? Normally I would use Operations Navigator to copy the spool file to the computer, but I would like to automate this process somehow.

* Copying a spool to a stream file can be done easily with utility from Jjpana (freeware), it is called SPL2STMF.

* Putting the resulting file in the NT server can be done either by FTPing the stream file to the remote server, or by directly instructing SPL2STMF to put the stream file into the QNTC file system.


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