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Converting files from a CCSID 65535 code page to 37

We are trying to convert files from a CCSID 65535 code page to 37. Even changing things at a system level has not...

fixed our problem - we cannot view the files from DB2 Connect or even MS Access. Can you provide insight on how to convert this?

DB2 is on AS400 V4R2. Using version 5 of DB2 Connect.

I can't understand -- Did you manage to change the CCSID? If not this will not work correctly unless DB2 connect has a "translate 65535" flag similar to the client access ODBC driver.

(One reason for failure to change file's ccsid from 65535 is ccsid tag in the field level.)

BTW - did you try to work with the free Client Access ODBC driver? It works fast and there is a big knowledge base regarding it's usage.

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