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Control data transfer on the iSeries

I'm trying to control a data transfer on an iSeries that I have created a exit program on. I have entered the name in QIBM_QTF_TRANSFER (Original File tranfer function) (WRKREGINF) and in the CHGNETA command on the PCSACC parameter have given *REGFAC (by this it should refer to the exit program given in registration facility) but in spite of doing this, the program is not being called on file transfer done through Client Access (i.e. Send & Receive). Can you please advice?

You didn't say what version of iSeries Access (formerly known as Client Access) you're using but my guess is that you're using the wrong exit points. If you're using one of the more recent versions, nothing goes through the exit points with a description of "Original ... " Check out Informational APAR II12227. The first part of this APAR lists all of the servers and the ports required. But keep scrolling and at the bottom it lists the servers that each Client Access function uses. The servers listed for Data Transfer are Sign-on, Central and Database. There are exit points for the database server. You'll have to look at the exit point documentation to determine which one you want to use.


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